-Mary O’Neil Applegate, Parent

Thank you for not only sharing your talent and expertise to our kids but also sharing

love, security, leadership, structure, visions, pride, and to never give up on

your dreams or talent. You and your staff made a tremendous impact on our kids

lives and have provided special memories that they'll always hold dear in their

hearts. God bless all of you!


-Christina Salazar, Parent

MeLeah, I just want to thank you and your whole staff for everything you all have

done, not only for Jacob, but all the children. The performance last night was

GREAT. I'm truly going to miss this program for the kids and I hope you are able

to come back. Thanks to all of you Jacob isn't as shy as he used to be and he

has more confidence in himself. Just last night he was thinking about college.

Lol. One time, Jacob came home and told me, "Mom did you know everyone has

a talent? Miss MeLeah told us." Again, thank you so much for everything and I

hope From the Heart goes so far and helps more children the way I've seen it

help the children here at Chaparral.

-Dr. Casaundra McNair, Principal

The program concluded with a showcase that displayed the talent of all the students that participated. I would highly recommend From the Heart Productions to any school site that wishes to engage the creative nature of their learners. This program brought a sense of community, allowed students to develop a positive self worth; while providing them with an

overview of fundamental principles of performing arts. From the Heart Productions is an all around amazing program.

-Raquel Applegate, Parent

I can't thank everyone on the staff enough!!! Thank you for making Riley and Colin's

(and all the other kids) summer so special and for making this performance as wonderful

as it was!!! You are all amazing πŸ€— thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


May O’Neil Applegate, Parent

FANTASTIC! Great time! Great performance! Loved it all! Thank you BIG TIME to

all of the dedicated staff! My grandkids, Riley and Colin, have made forever memories

over their summer break! Can't get the smile off my face. All those kids did such a


-Mrs.Valencia, Parent

My son was very shy when first entering in FTHPAC program, but as time went on I

saw him come out of his shell. I was so surprised to see that he was on stage dancing

and singing, he even had a speaking role. Thank You FTHPAC for giving my son the

confidence that he needed. Now he wants to be an actor. Onto Hollywood! β€” You guys